1. coffin-walls said: As much as I dislike his stupid face, I can at least admit he’s undeniably one of the best actors out there. Anyone who disagrees has clearly been sent here to test the patience of real humans.
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    I think Nic Cage’s problems stem from the fact that he’s broke as shit and will literally sign on to any movie that’s...
  3. babiesbeatboxing said: I say Nicolas Cage has done great movies, in which he has done superb roles, like The Family Man. But I think maybe he overestimates his versatility ability. Either that or some movies he’s done are just horrible and physically painful to get through
  4. voltamin said: lord of war was good i’ll give you that
  5. vanisheslikewine said: National Treasure was good too!!!
  6. asexualanarchy said: Ouch. It’s just an opinion. Calm down. I like him in Raising Arizona, but he comes off as very fake to me in everything else, which completely defeats the purpose of acting, obviously. No need to get so touchy simply because I disagree with you.
  7. hiddenlex said: Loooooved him in Matchstick Men and Kick Ass. Love.


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